Of life's twist and turns.

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Permalink As we run the final leg of life’s LDR race,  I just want you to know that I will keep going until the finish line with you. I’ll keep you in my mind and in my heart until I can hold you again in my arms. 16 more months til this is over, so close yet so far. I just can’t wait! I miss you so much, my one and only. 😘
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Permalink "You can fight your battles knowing that your heart is safe with me.-Jans

And everyday, you prove it. The past year maybe one helluva roller coaster ride for us but we didn’t, and will never, let go. 

Still keeping the faith and holding on tight. 1,825 days later, it still feels just like the first day. 

Happy 5th year, my one and only. Cheers! <3 @BregPopa
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Permalink Went to Michael’s and came home with these babies. Happiness in a box! <3