Of life's twist and turns.

ABBY | Believer | Dreamer | Wanderer | Proud to be Pinoy | Taken by the best | Young at heart | Hated by some, Loved by most. * I'm not easy to understand. I keep a lot inside. And I'm not the easiest person to read. There's a lot about me you'll never know and there's a hell of a lot you can learn to love. Either way, I'm keeping it real. * Cute little things. Balloons. Cheap treats. Pandas. Tulips. Beach. Sunset. Water. Lights. Movies. Foods. Sweets. Shoes. Jeans. Shirts. Piercings. Tattoos. Arts. Books. Pictures. Hugs. Kisses. Cuddling. Love. Faith. Hope. Friends. Family. God.

Permalink Texture: Yoga mat and Pilates ball.
Permalink Happiness in my tummy! 😍 #foodgasm #foodporn
Permalink Thanks to sweet and vicious I found my partner for a healthier lifestyle. 😍 Lol #masonjar  #mysmoothiejar
Permalink Birthday cheats! Lol
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Permalink I may not know what lies ahead of me this new year but I’m ready! Lezzgo 2014! ❤
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Permalink Good dinner with a good friend. I’m so happy to see you, @nasienas! 😘
Permalink We’re on the same page, nature. #fall #rain #nyc #newyorkcity
Permalink Only in NYC.
Permalink New addiction: NOTEBOOKS that I will never use. Lol
Permalink The Sick Face. Will ditch work tonight for the first time.
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Permalink I can eat this all day.